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Main-Main at Studio Eksotika

Main-Main (in English: playing) was a live music performance by Rollfast with a series of an art exhibition by Kentaro Okawara and Kanoko Takaya from Japan. Presented by Rumah Dua Tiga, the event started at 6 pm on Friday, 21 December 2018, where Rollfast responded the main concept of the words “Main-Main” through their own spontaneous live jam.

Rollfast is a Bali based band, founded in 2012 by Agha Yogaswara - Vocal, Synth,

Arya Triandana - Bass, Synth, Gungwah Brahmantia & Bayu Krisna - Guitar, and Ayrton Willem - Drum. Rollfast used to appear and respond to the other elements for the vibe of their performance, such as Art / Architectural Installation, Dance, Theatre, Paintings or Visual Mapping.

Lots of things happen inside the simple phrase of "playing". Obstacles that makes the heart pounds, tricks that are used to show our skills, the slimy feelings of envy, the joys of overcoming challenges. You can do it by yourself, but it’s way more fun when you do it together. Taking turns, pass the ball, look for the ball, wait for it but don't get caught up. The back and forth of things that made the live jam interesting!

It's a music and art collaboration where Kentaro and Kanoko, who have been planning to collaborate met Rollfast and interpreted the big theme into music and art. "We talk about what are the feelings that you will get when you are thinking about Main-Main. We found that we feel happy and content, and that's what we try to share through music and artworks," said Kanoko.

By: Malariahouse | 29 December 2018