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NAKAL: The Naughty Spirit of St’ Loco

St’ Loco has dropped their latest single NAKAL! The new single NAKAL (Naluri Kualitas Akal) declares the band's everlasting spirit to keep producing hiprock/nu metal music for their fans.

The departure of Joe in early 2018 from the band didn’t dampen the musical spirit that has created the band from the first time. St’ Loco is and will keep presenting their upbeat and explosive hiprock style music that has ingrained within their musical philosophy. Nakal is the new vocalist's - Dimas - first debut with St. Loco. new vocalist, new song, a new breath of fresh air!

The song tells about the nature of the word "Nakal" (in English: mischievous) that is headstrong, wild, cunning, creative, and relentless although often connoted to negative things. However, according to Berry, the energy can be channeled to positive things depend on how we react to it. “It’s like a free will to me, it depends on how we gonna use it,” said Berry himself.

Produced by Jonathan Mono and Petra Sihombing, the raw creativity of St’ Loco was translated and combined with an interesting arrangement with alternative sounds, like a mix of rap and rock. That composition has created a single that really reflects the originality of St’ Loco music genre.

As a final touch, St’ Loco got a chance to work with Surya Adi Susianto, famously known as Surya Penny, a creative director with crazy ideas for “Nakal” video clip. With an “out of the box” idea, he was able to create a video clip that visualizes the song with a mix of suspense thriller and a crazy location, an old hospital at the suburban area in Jakarta.

Photo by Malaria House/ @btxphoto

By: Malariahouse | 19 January 2019