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Mick Fanning - Three Decades & Counting

The three times world champion, Mick Fanning, signed another ten years contract with Rip Curl, the brand that has been with him for the last two decades. What a historical moment for both Fanning and Rip Curl!

“Being part of Rip Curl is more than just a sponsor,” said Mick. "I have my personal relationship with the company and its people, including Rip Curl’s founder, Claw Warbrick and Brian Singer. They have become a big part of my career for the last twenty years. Signing this 10 years contract will be the next foundation in our relationship and I’m looking forward to continuing The Search adventure!”

Since Mick signed his first contract with Rip Curl in 1998, he has gained more than what is expected. He won the world champion three times while dealing with his own personal issue. He continues to celebrate winnings and maintain his public persona.

“Mick is not just a surf world champion,” said Neil Ridgway, Group Marketing Chairman Rip Curl. “He is the most important surfer in the history of our company. We know that – and he feels the same too – so we decided to create this lifetime agreement. You don’t want to leave the kind of relationship that we have with Mick, especially when everything seems right and fun. Wherever he goes, we will go. He is one of the most influencing people in the surfing world and he is a very precious person for us. He is one of us.”

Mick Fanning will spend his next 10 years for The Search adventure, discovering exciting waves in the most remote countries, chasing for the perfect ones. He will also develop his own business, Softboards MF and Balter Breweries.

By: Malariahouse | 18 February 2019