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Rhythm Rebels Goes To India

Sponsored by Antida Music Indonesia, Rhythm Rebels became the only Indonesia delegation at the Udaipur World Music Festival 2019. The festival was being held from 15 - 17 February 2019 in Udaipur, India.

“Indonesia should be proud. Udaipur World Music Festival is the biggest music festival in India. We always ready to support Indonesian musicians to perform in the international stages and becoming the best icon for Indonesia,” said Anom Darsana from Antida Music Indonesia.

Antida Music Indonesia is actively involved in the international cross-culture exchange scenes around the world, not just in music, but also in other art genres. It’s either inviting the international musicians to perform in Bali and vice versa. “Rhythm Rebels is not the first Balinese musician that we support in the international stage. We have supported also Gaya Gayo to perform at the Rainforest Festival in Malaysia,” said Anom.

Rhythm Rebels is a group duo with Reza Achman as the drummer and Rizal Abdulhadi as the Awi Goong player, a traditional Sundanese music instrument. Previously, Antida Music Indonesia brought Rhythm Rebels to perform in Korea and now they performed in India. “We always receive positive responses from the Rhythm Rebels performances. We will take them to perform in Russia and China within the year,” said Anom.

“We are happy and passionate about this opportunity because we have the chance to show what we can do in the international stage.” We keep practicing to prepare the show because that’s the key to our success,” said Reza Achman, Rhythm Rebels drummer. Rhythm Rebels prepared music with various instruments from around Indonesia. “Our mission is to not just perform as the Rhythm Rebels. But more than that, we want to show how unique Indonesia music is with its various music instruments,” said Rizal Abdulhadi, Rhythm Rebels player. “For India, I bring the Awi Goong from Sunda, Genggong Bali, trumpet, and a piece of electronic equipment called Sampler. I also bring my own creation, a one string Bamboo Bass made by myself,” said Rizal.

Rhythm Rebels is just one of many Indonesian musicians that promote the Indonesian culture. We hope that more and more Indonesian musicians will have the opportunity to perform in the international stages.

By: Malariahouse | 04 March 2019