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Gorontalo - The Hidden Paradise

Heard of Gorontalo quite often, but never been there. Not even once, yet didn’t even wonder where it’s located exactly in Sulawesi. Until one day, a few months ago, the band I managed was invited to have a concert there. Yea, ‘amma a lucky one!

Back then, the city was known as Hulonthalo Peninsula, and was a part of North Sulawesi province. But since the year 2000, it has became Indonesia’s 32nd province. This beautiful city is also known as “The Hidden Paradise” as well as “The Land Of The Poets”.

After our arrival at Jalaluddin Airport, on our way to the city, I enjoyed the bright colored sky and all those beautiful scenery along the way - definitely not that kinda view you’d expect to see in such a big city like Jakarta. The morning after the concert, using a bentor (short of “becak motor” - a modified traditional rickshaw with a motorcycle), I went to the Pasar Sentral, the traditional market in the city. Apparently it wasn’t busy in Sunday. But I found some gigantic sized tuna sold there. 

The bentor driver then drove me to one of the most famous place for breakfast, “Sabar Menanti". Tried the nasi kuning (yellow colored spiced rice with turmeric) that served with sliced omelet, shredded fish, fried shallot and a clear soup with boiled egg. What I noticed during the trip was those beautiful old big trees along the way. I hope they will still be kept for ever.

And as some people recommend me to go to Raja Tuna, the most famous small restaurant for the tuna, I definitely won’t skip this one. Tried the fish head soup. And the highlight was the tuna satay. Light marinated with sweet soy sauce, they grill the satays perfectly. I should say that it was the best fish satay I have ever tried in my whole life! Seriously. By the way, the resto is located near the beach. So you can enjoy your meal while soothing the eyes with such a lovely ocean view and sea breeze.

On our way back home, we stopped by RM Syakinah to try their famous binthe biluhuta or also known as milu siram. It's white corn and eggplant in fish stock with a hint of lime juice. Tangy, and extremely delicious. Yet, for a quite big portion, it only sold for IDR 7,000!

I definitely will come back to this city. And perhaps plan for a trip to their diving spot as it known as one of Indonesian best!

Text Ade Putri Paramadita

Photos Credit Ade Putri Paramadita

By: Malariahouse | 16 January 2016