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Giada Tagliamonte

Giada Tagliamonte was born in Italy in 1984 into a multicultural family of creative individuals. At the age of 14 she commenced her artistic training, obtaining her diploma in Fine Arts and Architectural Studies in 2003. In 2008, after graduating from the Venice Fine Arts Academy, Giada began her travels. Since then she has lived, worked and immersed herself in different cultures, across three continents, as an independent artist, designer and lecturer. Her artistic production reflects this kaleidoscope of influences with myriad mediums and techniques. It ranges from jewelry collections to multimedia paintings and animated imagery. Giada has recently completed her Master of Arts in Fine Arts in Singapore.


Giada Tagliamonte is a multidisciplinary artist, whose practice focuses on nature, urban ranges, customs and stereotypes. Combining different mediums and techniques, she creates visual landscapes in which distorted narratives draw the viewers into seemingly nonsensical events. Her works often illustrate metaphysical spaces that have no specific or tangible presence in time, but instead are fluctuant in a limbo of nowhere and everywhere, no-one and everyone, now and never. Ultimately, the usage of iconic symbolisms presents the viewer with an overall imagery that is somehow familiar and yet disquieting. Blending different artistic genres such as painting, performance, photography and video, Giada has developed a specific technique that, whilst pursuing reminiscences of an ancient past, explores the numerous possibilities of a synergy yet to be fully developed.

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By: Malariahouse | 16 January 2016