" I am Hope " Premiere

" I AM HOPE " Active in Theaters Starting February 18, 2016 Tells the story of a girl named Mia ( Tatjana Saphira ) , at her young age She had to fight against her cancer . Mia, who lived with her father ( Tio Pakusadewo ) and sister ( Alessandra Usman ) tried in various ways to keep Mia . Mia weakened condition made ​​her determined to perform theater performances the way she wanted. Doctors ( Ray Sahetapy )that who treated Mia, just wanted Mia to take more extra care of her body, but as when preparing the theater, Mia condition getting more worse. Director: Dimitri Lim Producer: Wulanguritno , Janna Sukasah - Joesoef , Amanda Sukasah Scriptwriter : Dimitri Lim , Renaldo Samsara Players : Tatjanasaphira , Tio Pakusadewo , Ray Sahetapy , Fachry Albar , @ fauzibaadilla13 , Alessandra Usman , Feby Febiola , Ine Febriyanti , Ariyo Wahab , kenes Andari .
Source: http://gelangharapan.org
Photo credit: Boristhemoris