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Roemah Pulomanuk, A Beach Getaway In West Java

Five to six hours of road trip worth everything you’ll get from this place. Called the place Roemah Pulomanuk, it’s located in Banten, West Java. It’s somewhere between Sawarna and Bayah, that are pretty well known as vacation destinations. Or if you’re more familiar with Pelabuhan Ratu, it’s like an hour of road trip from there.

There are 3 traditional Javanese bungalows of this place that can be accessed. The first one with 4 bed rooms and an uber-lovely open air bath room, is where all the guests will take some rest. The second one is the one function like a family room with a dining table, some cozy couches for such an awesome lazy times, and a pantry. The last one is the smallest building, which is the 3-sides open kitchen. And, oh, there is an open-air dining area too next to it – a perfect spot to enjoy dinner under a starry evening. Go to the backyard, there is a so-called tree house. And… the high-light part: a private beach!

Went to this place twice, and I have no complaint to such a peaceful place like this. Owkay; no television, no air conditioner, poor internet signal. Means; more real interactive and bonding times with whoever you go there with! Relax. Read some books, go play volley ball by the beach, swimming, sun bathing, playing cards, do some fun games, or just simply do nothing and enjoy your me-time! This place has a huge giant screen. So watching a movie is a pretty good option as well. Me, given such a heavenly fabulous kitchen with two of a lovely yet very helpful house keepers who also live there, spent most of my time cooking – and definitely eating!

Bayah, as the nearest small city around the place, has traditional market, a fish market and also some mini marts. But I would recommend you to bring most of the ingredients from Jakarta. Especially, (take a serious note on this!) beer and any other alcoholic beverage, as they don’t sell any. Of course, imported spices & ingredients are most likely hard to find either. Be prepared by bringing ‘em all. While for fresh ingredients

I suggest you to take at least 3 days + 2 nights here. The perfect time, in my own humble opinion, would be 5 days + 4 nights. Spend too much time in such a heavenly beach getaway like this would make you hate the fact that you gotta go back to the big cities… Ha!

Text Ade Putri Paramadita

Photo by Ade Putri Paramadita

By: Malariahouse | 09 February 2016