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Places to Eat: [Jakarta] Rumpun

Restaurants in Jakarta are everywhere. Finding a good ones are considered pretty easy, too. Feeling like I’ve just found a treasure when on my first visit to Rumpun, I saw a very rare Indonesian dish written down on the menu list: Gohu Ikan. So it was automatically added on my order, aside than some others that sound very interesting to be tried.


Funny. I have never actually tried this so-called Gohu Ikan. I just saw it once presented in a travel & adventure show on TV. The presenter called it as Indonesian sashimi. So, then all my orders came. And here are some of my recommended ones for you;


Gohu Ikan

Diced fresh raw tuna in lime juice with chopped bird eye chili, shallots & kefir lime leaves. So when it came, the tuna color has slightly turned into pinkish white – naturally “cooked” by the lime juice’s acidity. A perfect choice as an appetizer, as it stimulates your palate by its tanginess and at the same time; spiciness. The fish meat was succulent as well, a truly good sign of fresh ingredients!


Tumpuk Ikan

When a round-shaped tempe crackers changed their looks as if they’re sandwiches and act as if they’re the toasts; so good looking! Came with 3 different kinds of fillings; roa, cakalang and shredded tuna. All these Indonesian spicy goodness are definitely the kick-off!


Tusuk Lidah

Thick sliced beef tongue on skewer, cooked and then grilled to perfection. The meat was juicy and tender. When it came, I thought the sauce topped the dish was a cream sauce. Apparently, it was a thick seasoned coconut cream – which normally can be found in Nasi Liwet Solo, a traditional Javanese dish. A perfect dish to accompany some white fluffy rice, it is!


Sangara Mamiri

Even though Indonesia doesn’t have dessert, I think I can consider this as one. Pan fried banana with palm sugar and crushed roasted peanuts – a total sweetness madness sensation!!!


Es Timun

Not just another Acehnese iced cucumber that usually taste sweet, they put some lemon juice in it too. A very refreshing beverage to enjoy during the day, especially in a hot sun shiny one, with lotsa cool buddies. Errr, I mean, if you don’t have a beer in your hand ;)


If… If you are a coffee person, order some kopi tubruk here. Any of all the variants they got. They will serve the coffee with some yellow colored rock sugar they got from Cirebon. There are two ways of enjoying this so-called Indonesian coffee; A. Take the rock sugar like a candy – put it in your mouth, and sip the coffee slowly; B. Leave the rock sugar, and sip the coffee right after you’re having that Sangara Mamiri… Best!


Location                                   : Jl. Panglima Polim V No. 38a, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

Instagram                                : @rumpun_id

Payment                                   : Cash, Debet Card

Smoking Area                       : Available outdoor, non-AC

Non-Smoking Area             : Available indoor, AC

Wi-Fi                                           : Available

Ambiance                                : Casual, friendly.

Text : Ade Putri Paramadita

Photos Credit : Ade Putri Paramadita

By: Malariahouse | 27 February 2016