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National Music Day, Heruwa “Shaggydog” and Jerinx “SID” Release Cassette Format

Back in 10th December2015 Heruwa (Shaggydog) and Jerinx (Superman Is Dead) Officially release their collaboration single "Samiya" in digital format download. It can be downloaded in iTunes:


This song was influenced by their concerned for mother nature in Indonesia, offered a harmonisation unification between Electronic that is representing Modern and Gamelan that is representing Traditional.

DoggyHouse Records one of the collaborators take an initiative to produce that single that have been working in Seminyak Pro Studio, Bali by Agus Bim and Cipta Gunawan in physical format, which are that format is cassette that are included with a designated t-shirt by  Sono "Cap Bagong Tattoo". For those bokset enthusiast that doesn't have a cassette deck, they produce a cd too for accommodate yours truly audio need

Choosing the container material for this single that've been mixed and mastered by Egha and Donney from Wai - Wai Studio and Rockstar Studio its not done recklessly. DoggyHouse Records Team used boxes from a recycle tin can that have a thin plate printed artwork kover that made with etsa technic. Meanwhile, heres a short film that documented behind the scene of this song, produced by Lana Pranaya:


As for the release of this bokset Samiya, it was coinciding with National Music Day, that fall at 9 march 2016. National Music Day itself was a day for appreciation for music that was form by our former President Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono in the Presidential Decree no. 10 year 2013. Choosing of the date 9 march coincide with one of Indonesian Maestro, WR. Supratman

This booklet package that only produced and released for 50pcs was priced for IDR. 350.000 (include handling fee and sent with post in java island) and can be directly buy with price IDR. 300.00 at the Doggy Shop:

Jl.Nogosari 1B, Patehan, Kraton, Yogyakarta 

Or emailed:

Email: info@doggyhouserecords.com

By: Malariahouse | 09 March 2016