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Talking Street Art With TraX ( Street Art Collector )

Julien Thorax, known as TraX in the street art scene, is born and raised in little Switzerland. After graduating from Business school, he worked as a project manager in various countries across Europe and about 7 years ago, while living in Paris, he started to collect Street art pieces from French and International “urban artists”. Over the years, he had the chance to meet many of most talented players in the street art world and he was able to build a strong network among Artists, curators & specialised media.
In 2013-14 he curated some shows in Switzerland including the “NO(W)HERE” gallery show in partnership with Starkart Exhibition featuring more than 100 original works & prints from his own collection (including Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Invader, Dran, ROA, etc).
But Switzerland was definitely too small (and too cold…) for him, so in early 2015 he decided to pack some of his collection and relocate to beautiful Bali Islands. Since then, he has been working hard with the local artists and partners to help to develop the Street art scene on the Island.
After the colourful launch event for Balistreetart.com at Donkey Skatepark earlier this year, TraX is curating some walls on a monthly basis in the Canggu area with international and local artists. And working hard on a major “Eat Spray Love” festival for Summer 2016 in Bali.

Video Courtesy MalariaHouse Production

By: Malariahouse | 07 April 2016