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SXSW ( South by Southwest ) Austin, 2016 - Music & Art

It's not just the classic or the major artist's album that are selling well on vinyl. Indie artists are also benefiting from the growth in record sales, with a 37% increase just in the last months of 2015. With the massive growth of vinyl, Musicians has once again made disk cutting for vinyl a core element of the business. Sound Affair is only one of 20 or so disk cutting studios in the US. The mastering studio is a dedicated room, for the highest quality masters, reference discs and copies for archiving. A live band's performance can be directly recorded onto a lacquer master disk. Sound affair mastering is one-stop solution for all your vinyl record needs. In the end we're looking for artists who are interested not in following trends but in being courageous and bold about what they believe and also this kind of attitude must be applying on other artists such as painter.

Text and Photos credit : Boristhemoris

By: Malariahouse | 08 April 2016