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Hendri Kurniawan - The only Indonesian who have judged in 4 different World Barista Championship

This humble looking guy is always comfortable being a friendly sarcastic guy. There’s no necessary introduction for him in Indonesian coffee industry. While being the only Indonesian who have judged in 4 different World Barista Championship he remains to be who he is.

The journey to be a World Judge in coffee industry worldwide is not an easy task to do and also without any compensation whatsoever means no pay at all. It all started in Sydney, Australia more than 15 years ago when Hendri worked as a barista. He fell in love with coffee at that moment and decided to go back to Indonesia to pursue his passion in coffee and opened up his own small size coffee shop in Bandung.

By then he has built his own coffee network alongside with many other people who earn their living through coffee. Coffee skill competition was created and the audiences back then were café owners, coffee roaster, and coffee trader. There’s no such thing as advance information about the latest coffee trend. He became one of the first judges in that competition and from there on he decided to be more resourceful about the coffee industry.

Q Grading is one of the essential qualifications to be a coffee expert. He joined one of the earliest batches and also got the pass for the World Judge & Indonesian Judge test. Passing the test for a World Judge means eligibility to be a judge anywhere in the world. He has been judging in many coffee competitions, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Sweden, and many more. The most compelling are of course judging in World Barista Championship in Italy, United States, and twice in United States.

Why Coffee? Because it’s addictive and it’s legal. That statement represents his personality at its best. Indonesia through coffee perspective around the world is one of many great coffee producers. His mission is to not only introduce more about Indonesian coffee but also the skill, the human resources, the barista to the world. A Bunch of Caffeine Dealers (ABCD) was introduced to public in Jakarta as a barista school after finishing one of his consultancy projects such as One Fifteenth Coffee, which can be said as the pioneer of specialty coffee shop.

ABCD try to promote specialty coffee for Indonesian audiences. Since coffee culture is evolving faster than ever, ABCD wanted to prepare the customer to understand more about coffee and to prepare the human resources for the business.

Such plan is too small for his big heart. ABCD work closely together with a non-profit called SOS Kinderdorf that has over 100 sites all over the world. His goal is to give these unfortunate kids a life skill that can be applicable in a real working situation. He is trying not only to teach but also to give life for them. The unfortunate kids can join the commercial class without any tuition fee and will be placed in the most suitable workplace. For him coffee is a media to reach greater things than coffee itself. There is no comparable things than to be able to give back to the community and to be able to give life to people who are in needs.

Hendri himself is now still judging in several world caliber coffee competitions and keeping the biggest dream alive through his work anywhere in the world.

Text : Oka Diputra

Photos Credit : Hendri Kurniawan

By: Malariahouse | 11 April 2016