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Meet Ajiem

Gears?, Do you have any other favorite cameras to shoot with?
yes I have. Lumix GF 1 and iPhone :)

What are the different elements in photography that inspire you to shoot? Is it composition? Moments captured?
the composition, I must be creative to captured the best angle and for the skateboarding photography, the moments are important because I need to capture the shoot of his trick, like a when he doing kickflip. I need to shoot when his foot catch the board.

Any photographers that have had a big influenced on you?
For sure Anthony Accosta!!

Which one do you more prefer, daylight or night photoshoot?
Hm both :)

Tell us a little of back story behind a recent favorite photo you've shot.
Last recent story photo I think when I'm shoot with Gede at mungu beach. That's a death gap man! When I was about to capture Gede skating there's a wave on that time and pull back my portable flash and it was broken. This is skateboarding man! 

Any photo projects in the works for yourself?
For now I'm doing for shooting KL420 clothing.

Mohd Azim Chi Nong (AjiemSerr)
Tumbler- ajiemPhoto
Instagram - ajiem_
Facebook page - Skate Art Photography 
Living in West Side, KL
Nikon User

Photos and Video by BTX

By: Malariahouse | 17 April 2016