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Meet Indra


Gears that i used, i used fruity loops, but back then many people said that is not a proper tools, then i start using another software that make me eventually gave up, because i have to start it all over again, learning the basics..but, some of my friends come to me and said, “why do you have to switch?, if that tools is compatible with your capacity right now, you work it there, cause people only listen the results, they doesn’t care about the tools that you used”..and i used Native Instrument, for helping me chopping some sampling’s

What that makes your music different from the others

hmmm..well, i listen many reference music’s..me, my self doesn’t know exactly that makes my music different from the others, because i got affected from skateboarding music video a lot so i don’t have a pin point where my music comes from, but at the moment i’m quiet intense doing hip-hop genre.

Influence musician

For specifically, i don’t have any..then again, i’ve been exposed to video skate a lot, and from there i hear many kinds of music/band that been used on the skate video, in my case it wasn’t about the band, the singer or the genre, simply when i hear it and i like it, i’ve been influence and become my reference for making music. but if i have to give a name, for now, i listen Alexander Spit, his a newcomer, rapper, he produce his own music and write good lyrics.

Favorite music that you already make, in creative process

I don’t know which one are my favorite, cause when i listen my old one’s, i still have that “damn, how did i make this music” moment, so every music’s that i make, i like and enjoyed it.

Did your songs have story?

Yes, every time i work on my music, ambience of the environment and mood play a crucial part, usually before i start working on my music, i have a concept that i listen first other people musics and if i find that it can be chop for sampling, i’m gonna chop it and used it, because my music form on sample’s, and because it base on hiphop, i listen many samples outside of hiphop, like soul, 70’s, and then i combine it with the current mood, and with that my music taking it form

Next project.

My next project, i’m still working on my album, it supposed to be out at the end of last year..ya i think that one of my minus (laughs), people said it a lot that i lack on focus, commit on schedule, but i enjoyed every bit of the process, and hopefully its gonna be done shortly.

Text by BTM

Photos by BTX

Video by Crazna

By: Malariahouse | 03 May 2016