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Zushi Beach Film Festival & Cinema Caravan

Recently Dubyouth, Hahan, Aga, Gotha, Solar was invited to Zushi Beach Film Festival, they fill one day from the film festival which is Indonesian Day.

they were exploring Japan for 3 nights. here is a couple of snaps from their trip.

About Zushi Beach Film Festival;

The "Play with the earth," "Let's play with the Earth" concept,

To screen the excellent movie at home and abroad in a great location in the coast, is the outdoor type Film Festival.

The venue location, to stage an empty sandy beach of Zushi coast

Up created by hand from scratch every year to the session just before the end of the Show at the same time

Also to return to the quiet Zushi coast.

About 10 days of GW, suddenly appeared, also vanishing

On the stage, such as the very "dream"

During the day, culture and place that becomes the background of the movie starting from the evening, enjoy music, food, etc.

Along with the sunset, you will enjoy the world of film to back the sound of the waves and the starry sky.

Not only "see" a movie in the eye, using the five senses to the full, enjoy a total body.

In the natural environment, to experience a variety of cultures, play with Earth.

In the wake of this film festival, movies, music, design, sports, food,

Various countries of the culture or the natural environment,

I hope that the species that interested is nurtured.

Text and Photo By Heru

By: Malariahouse | 07 June 2016