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Varun Tandjung: The Journey 2016

In this video it is showing my surfing from this year and is also showing that I have

Chillin in China - Motionsk8

We Traveled to China to experience the amazing Spots of Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong


Two Australian young surfers get lost in Indonesia.the natural footer Kael Walsh and

Talking About Surf Trip With Friends

Talking About Surf Trip With Friends - You've got yourself a steady job or business. It

Fifty Shades of Blue | The Search

“Technology and Travel” – the 2Ts – are akin to “Country and Western” – you

Roemah Pulomanuk, A Beach Getaway In West Java

Five to six hours of road trip worth everything you’ll get

Sumatra Part 1

Early starts, airport layovers and long drives are all a part of the journey for a


After scrubbing dishes for eight months, the missus decided that she would spot me (Royal

Marlon Gerber Nias May 2014

Marlon Gerber surfing in Nias May 2014. Documented by Ivan Tanjung and Francesco Thisoli.

Corona Extra: A Journey by Taylor Steele - From Where You'd Rather Be

There is no advertisement as powerful as a positive

Happy Holidays!

The Hurley team went on a hit and run mission to Lakey Peak, Sumbawa where we met up with

From Puerto Escondido to Cardrona

You never know whats around the corner, but it never stops you from wanting to see

Moped Boys

Rizal Tandjung, Benji Weatherley and Kalani Robb surfing in Bali and cursing around in


Marlon Gerber spent a week on board with the Bulan Baru boat searching for undiscovered