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Summertime with Riz - Jerinx aka JRX

In this Summertime with Riz edition, Rizal Tandjung sat down with his childhood friend,

Meet Kanoko Takaya - Malaria House Women Series

Indonesia is not a stranger for Kanoko Takaya. Born in 1991 in Kyoto, Japan, Kanoko has

Session Interview With Rubianda

Rubianda or Rubi, 14th-year-old, is one of the latest skateboarders from Jakarta. This

The Rise of Skate - Jason Dennis

Participated in the skateboarding sport at Asian Games 2018, Jason Dennis presented

How We Skate Feat. Satria

For Satria, skateboarding is not a hobby. Fishing is a hobby, but skateboarding is more

Women Series: Melati Wijsen and The Power of The Youth

It all started with a dream of doing good that has an impact on the world. It became an

Playground Malaria House: The Night With The Stars - Fariz RM, Dian PP, and Lilo

“Wanting to be a musician or a superstar are two different things. There’s no wrong

How We Skate In Singaraja, Bali, ft. Mang Prad

Malaria House took a time to check out the skateboard scene up to the north part of Bali,

Playground Malaria House - Indra Domdom “States” of Mind

Indra Gandhi, famously known as Domdom, is a professional skateboarder from Bandung,

Malaria House Women Series: Bonne Gea - The Spirit of A “Kampung” Girl

Yasnyiar “Bonne” Gea is considered as one of the best Indonesian female surfers that

Malaria House Playground: “Iwa K 25 Year Anniversary Concert Batman Kasarung”

Iwa K has been known as the initiator of rap music in Indonesia. When others were into

Malaria House Playground: A Day With Rudolf Dethu

Rudolf Dethu is a writer, socio-political activist, and creative industry leader in

Walikota Cup Skateboarding IX 2018

On 11 March 2018, the city of Denpasar held the 9th Walikota Cup for skateboarding at the

Skate Session With Aleksey Meleskho

Malaria House went on a skate session with Aleksey Meleskho for a day. From Mengening

Woman Series - Truedy Sabatini

How Life Is Good With Music - An Interview With Truedy SabatiniMalaria House had the


Malariahouse followed Eka Meiyasa performed his tricks. This balinese from Jimbaran


Rizal and Shaggydog have been good friends for so long, especially with Heruwa, the


Malaria House Women Series: LoucieQ: Hello, how are you? It looks like you’re a big fan

Talking Art with Galuh Anindita

Born in Balikpapan, June 10th, 1991, lives and works in Yogyakarta. A young artist who

RIZTVLOG_02 #FAMILY HEAT at DEUS Slidetober Fest 2017

Malaria House present our vlog series RIZTVLOG_02.Riz and his family attend to Deus

Summertime with Riz - The Way of Terje Håkonsen

Terje Håkonsen, a Norwegian professional snowboarder, sets the world record for the

Malaria House presents the daily life of Rizal Tandjung. Be Inspired!

Famously known as the tall, thin, rubber-limbed goofyfooter surfer, Rizal Tandjung, or

women series - putu bulan

What have you been up to now?I’m a wife and a mother, actually i’m a full time mother

Women Series - Nicki Antognini

Introduce yourself :Nicki Antognini, 28 year old Swiss Digital Media Manager. Born in the


Marlon Gerber stylin on his new 5'4" twin fin shaped by Yoshi Ueda on his home island of

Who Is Ellie Turner ?

Born in Bude - UK, Ellie Turner is 15yo and she is Rip Curl

Summertime with Riz - Greyson Fletcher

Greyson Fletcher was raised in a family of surfers, and took to the sport naturally as a

Talking Art With - Ican Harem

Ican Harem an artist based Indonesia, specializing on street aesthetics and another pop

Talking Art with Andre Yoga

ANDRE YOGAAs a painter, Andre Yoga’s art is heavily correlated with other form of art,

Meet Alfian

Last weekend we got to catch up with Alfian and have an afternoon talk with him.Short

Summer time with Riz ( Christian Fletcher )

Christian Fletcher - Innovative metal-loving goofyfooter from San Clemente, California;

Talking Street Art With TraX ( Street Art Collector )

Julien Thorax, known as TraX in the street art scene, is born and raised in little

Talking Art With - Mark Paul Deren

After being born blind in his left eye and given 3hree first names